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Why are we passionate about this

It is a healthy mind that can help other individuals develop their minds. This becomes more imperative when it concerns a mother raising her children. The job in itself is tough even for a 2-parent home, so we can only imagine how daunting it would be for a mother who has to navigate this journey on her own.

Almost 9.5% of the Nigerian population are single mothers and Fatimah Balaraba Foundation recognizes that a huge number of these mothers don’t ask for help and have no idea about accessing self–care for their mental wellbeing. Psychosocial support, counselling, empowerment, health services, skills development, etc. are all necessary tools that are strategic towards changing this narrative, particularly with regards to the single mothers in the northern part of Nigeria.

We are surrounded by family members, friends, colleagues, and neighbours, who are single mothers because of various situations and circumstances. We can’t stop our ears from their silent and often overlooked cries for help.

We are also firm believers that educating the girl child should be at the forefront of national development. Too many girls are withdrawn from school due to poverty and wrong perceptions about educating a woman. But we have seen women rise to the highest stratum of societal advancement as a result of accessing education at all levels. Our girls should not be allowed to give up their dreams and aspirations just because they are female.


Aisha Abubakar

Dr. Zubaida Abubakar Bamalli

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Asmau Abubakar Maccido

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Aisha Abubakar

Aisha Abubakar had her secondary education at Queens College, Lagos and her first degree in Politics and International Studies from University of Warwick. Aisha Abubakar also has a Masters degree in Development Studies from University of Leeds.
Hajiya Abubakar served as Minister of State for Industry, Trade and Investment in Nigeria from 2015 to 2019 and was appointed to oversee the Women Affairs Ministry briefly within the same period. Prior to this, she worked at African Development Bank (AfDB), African International Bank (AIB), Abuja Enterprise Agency (AEA) as the MD/CEO and Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate (PTAD).
Hajiya Abubakar’s contributions to the growth of the Nigerian economy are evident in some of her major career achievements at the ADB, AEA and PTAD. Her focus has always been the ease of funding for small and medium enterprises in the country, the growth of the agricultural sector and support for the education of the girl-child among other key drivers of development. Hajiya Abubakar has also advocated for the unity of Nigeria through diversification across different parts of the country. She is of the opinion that educational institutions should build individuals that will aid the diversification. Hajiya Abubakar enlightens women through resources and skills provision. The Fatimah Balaraba Foundation is one of her vehicles for the support for single mothers and the girl-child particularly in the Northern part of Nigeria. The organization is not-for-profit and relies on the goodwill and funding from similar organizations.


We believe in partnership, at FBF we are confident that together
with our partners we will continue to empower the women and improve the lives
of the girl child.