Fatimah Balaraba Foundation



Single Mothers

We provide a community where single mothers can either choose to share their experiences with others in the same shoes or speak to a counsellor. We want our women to be comfortable enough to express their deepest pains without being ashamed, afraid, be deemed judgmental or be stigmatized. We want them to have access to a space that allows them to exhale, away from expectations, and access the much-needed support to get on with parenting, challenges, work/life balance and social skills. We offer an atmosphere of growth where single mothers can improve their livelihood through specially designed programs to empower them with future-ready skills, health education and finance.

Girl Child

We wish to join the ongoing advocacy on girl child development by providing informal platforms to support identified needs and provide requisite skills to enable them stay in school as well as economically empower their families. We believe that no girl should be deprived of quality education because of her gender, and should be given the opportunity of becoming whatsoever she dreams of irrespective of who she is or where she comes from.

We would do these by providing various platforms to sponsor a variety of programmes and also implement monitoring mechanisms to promote the general well-being of single mothers and the girl child. Programmes will include, and will not be limited to, mental health, personal development and economic empowerment in Northern Nigeria. To achieve this, we will partner with global and local organizations to conduct innovative programs aimed at transforming the livelihood of women and girls by empowering them with skills, education and knowledge to enhance their leadership capabilities so that they are able to drive changes in their communities. Our sponsorship education program is especially aimed at training girls in English subjects and soft skills to prepare them for the future.



AWARE! is our flagship mental health advocacy and awareness programs. We offer a helpline for women and girls to call in to discuss mental health issues with qualified counsellors. The initiative also provides support services during outreach programs providing a safe space for women and girls to explore experiences and get answers that help


Bridges! is an entrepreneurship and skill acquisition training program to help young women across Northern Nigeria transition to starting and running sustainable businesses to improve their hygiene and general living standards. It is a close-knit initiative that relies on previous beneficiaries to serve as instructors and mentors to subsequent cohorts.


Back to School! is focused on reducing the number of out to school children particularly the girl child over the next five years. We are actively supporting schools across Northern Nigeria by providing menstrual hygiene supplies, books, furniture and other learning aids to facilitate conducive learning. We are also subsidizing the burden of fees and uniforms of families, by ensuring that their wards can access quality education with ease.


We believe in partnership, at FBF we beleive that together with our partners we will continue to empower the women and improve the Girls